Aquavintage 2C

Aquavintage 2C

Description du produit

Water based reactive stain, specially fit for ageing the wood in a simple and fast way. Can also react on wood that is not containing tannin.

Range of application
Industrial application for wood flooring and wood panels. Only for interior use.

Utilisation de matériaux


Preparation substrate:
Prepare the wood according the rules of the art and remove the sanding dust carefully.


  • Mix the AQUAVINTAGE 2C with the ACTIVATOR 1/1.
  • Stir well before use.
  • During the application of the stain, stir regularly.
  • Spraying: apply ca 50g/m2, even out with a brush.
  • Manual application: apply the AQUAVINTAGE 2C ca 50g /m2 with a brush in the direction of the wood fiber, even out with a brush.

After respecting the reaction time, it is recommended to apply 1 coat of Ecofix or Oculto to block the color before protecting with an oil or a lacquer.

Import information
Respect reaction time.
The final color depends on the type of wood, sanding, wood preparation and the applied quantity. For this reason its always recommended to make a test first before starting production.
Only use stainless material.
Clean all material immediately after use.

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