About Ciranova

For more than 90 years Ciranova® has been the specialist in the development and production of finishing products for parquet, furniture and other wooden objects. Thanks to the full range of colours, reactive stains, varnishes, oils, waxes and maintenance products, Ciranova® is a leading supplier of wood preservatives for the wood processing industry worldwide.

90 years of experience

Ciranova has a complete line of high-quality products for preparing, painting, finishing and maintaining indoor and outdoor wood. The chemical products can recolour wood, permanently protect it or give it a different look in no time.

Research & development

As a proactive company, we do research and development work every day in our own labs with the most advanced technologies and latest raw materials. High-quality products that protect and colour your wood are the logical result of these efforts.


As a trendsetter in invisible finishings, we have also introduced our long-lasting PLUS range created from biobased raw materials. These new products are OCULTO PLUS, ECOFIX PLUS and WOODLOOK PLUS, all of which give your wood a natural and invisible finish.

Innovative in our sector

Due to the rapid growth of Ciranova, which has some forty employees, a partial move became necessary. "Ten years ago we were still exporting to five countries; today it´s over fifty," notes David Verrue, Marketing Manager at Ciranova. “The workforce has increased substantially in recent years, especially in the sales department and the laboratory. The new building houses the R&D labs, the commercial spaces and the administrative offices. The production facility and the warehouses remain at the original site, just a half kilometre away from the Ciranova Academy.

Ciranova Academy: a huge Plus

Since the end of last year Ciranova has an impressive new 5000 square-metre campus in the industrial zone along the Ringlaan in Roeselare (Belgium). In this Ciranova Academy the company can even more convincingly demonstrate its know-how in the area of finishing and maintenance products for parquet floors. In addition, the global brand is currently enjoying great success with its Ciranova Plus range.

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