Sustainable high-quality maintenance products for wood

As a global innovator in the wood finishing industry, at Ciranova we do everything we can to produce and deliver sustainable products, while taking full account of the health and safety of our employees, customers and the environment.

Thanks to the active research of our R&D team, we are continuously investing in the use of new biobased and renewable raw materials in order to develop sustainable products that perform optimally and minimise the impact on our planet.

  1. Investing in new and non-harmful raw materials for new and existing products.

  2. New building with ergonomically designed offices that contribute to health.

  3. Creating a healthy and pleasant working environment for colleagues.

  1. Investing in new biobased and renewable raw materials.

  2. Using secondary raw materials in a circular economy.

  3. Efficient use of natural resources.

  4. Stronger and better products that guarantee a longer life for your wood.

  5. New recycled packaging.

  1. Investing in raw materials that have a minimal impact on our planet.
  2. New building based on renewable energy, such as solar panels, a green roof and an energy-efficient air-water heat pump.
  3. A greener environment with newly planted trees for our new offices.

Sustainable products that deliver maximum performance

As a trendsetter in invisible finishings, we developed the Ciranova Plus range by means of open innovation with DSM. The new products are OCULTO PLUS, ECOFIX PLUS and WOODLOOK PLUS.

The Ciranova Plus range is composed of new and improved products for which biobased raw materials are used without compromising performance. The ultra self-matting flooring resin used in these products ensures natural-looking floors with the lowest gloss achievable and an ultimate protection.

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