Flooring wax


A traditional water repellent flooring wax made from natural and synthetic waxes for the protection of wooden floors. A silicone resin improves the water repellency.

  • Natural protection based on natural and synthetic waxes.
  • Gives the wood an authentic finish.
Material use
Flooring wax yellow 1810
Flooring wax Clear 1571



Make sure that all old finish coats are completely removed and that the wood is free from dust and other dirt. Can be used on sanded, planed, and brushed wood. For a better water-resistance, HARDWAXOIL can be used as a primer first.


Apply a thin coat with a sponge, brush, cloth or buffing machine. Afterwards polish with a cloth or white pad. After drying you can buff again with a soft cloth or white pad. Multiple coats increase the gloss level.


FLOORING WAX can be used as a primer and finishing coat.


FLOORING WAX can be cleaned with WAX REMOVER. Afterwards, apply a layer of LIQUID FLOORING WAX as a finishing coat.


Important information

ATTENTION: Never apply a varnish or oil after use of the FLOORING WAX.

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