Fortico 1C


PU waterborne finish for parquet floors subject to normal traffic. FORTICO 1C provides the wood with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance, can be easily applied without overlapping or roller imprints. FORTICO 1C has been developed for finishing parquet and wooden floors in homes and other places subject to normal wear.

  • Extremely scratch resistant thanks to anti-scratch technology.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Doesn't burnish.


Material use
Fortico 1C
Fortico 1C
Fortico 1C
Fortico 1C
Fortico 1C
Fortico 1C



Make sure that all old finish coats are completely removed and that the wood is free from dust and other dirt. Can be used on sanded, planed, and brushed wood. For a lighter and more natural finish, WOODLOOK PLUS can be used as a primer first. For floor heating, exotic wood types and cork, the FORTICO SEALER is recommended as a primer.


FORTICO 1C can be used as primer and finishing coat. Apply the product with a brush or short-pile roller (microfiber 8 mm) in 3 layers. First layer : apply ca. 80-100 g/m2 and let dry for +/- 4 hours.

Second layer : apply ca. 80-100 g/m2 in the same manner as the first layer and let dry for +/- 6 hours. Afterwards intermediate sanding with grain 180-220, make dust-free and apply the third layer - ca 80-100 g/m2.


FORTICO can be used as a primer and finishing coat.


Regular maintenance with Ciranova® HARD FLOOR FRESH. For periodic maintenance, use UNICARE X-MATT or HARD FLOOR POLISH. HARD FLOOR CLEANER is used for cleaning highly soiled floors and to remove old layers of polish.


Important information

Only use non-corrosive materials. Clean all materials with water immediately after use. For exotic types of wood, the finishing should be tested in advance. For industrial application, please consult Ciranova® technical support. Water-based products can develop skins after contact with air. Filter beforehand, if necessary.

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