Hard floor cleaner


Water-based cleaner for removing old layers of polish (Hard Floor Polish & UNICARE X-MATT) on varnished floors. Hard floor cleaner can also be used as a degreaser for removing persistent stains and stripes on varnished floors.

Material use



For removing stains and stripes: Dilute the Hard Floor Cleaner 1/10 in lukewarm water and clean the wood with a mop, microfiber cloth or soft scrubbing brush. Afterwards, the floor should be cleaned with clean water. For removing layers of Polish: Dilute the Hard Floor Cleaner 1/5 in lukewarm water and clean the floor with a mop or soft scrubbing brush. You may also use a buffing machine. Let the product die in for a while and remove the dirt with a squeegee or mop. Afterwards, the floor should be thoroughly cleaned with clean water. Avoid excess water on the wood.


After using Hard floor cleaner, you should re-apply Hard floor Polish or UNICARE X-MATT to the floor. For the regular maintenance of varnished floors, use Ciranova® Hard Floor Fresh.

Hard floor cleaner


It is recommended to follow the Ciranova® maintenance program to keep the floor in optimal condition.

Hard floor cleaner

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