Intensive cleaner


Thoroughly cleans oiled wood. Specifically for removing stains and soap residue. It is recommended to use the intensive cleaner before applying the maintenance oil.

  • Provides deep cleaning of oiled wood
  • Removes dirt and soap residue
Material use



Dilute the Ciranova® Intensive Cleaner in 1/20 lukewarm water. Clean the wood with a mop, microfiber cloth or soft scrubbing brush in the direction of the wood grain. You can also use a buffing machine with a green pad. If the wood is very dirty, the solution can be used in a higher concentration. Afterwards, the wood should be properly rinsed with clean water.


After using the intensive cleaner, the wood must always be treated with Ciranova® Maintenance Oil.


It is recommended to follow the Ciranova® maintenance program to keep the floor in optimal condition.


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