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Despite the fact that natural and untreated finishes enjoy the greatest demand, the colouring of wood is also rapidly growing in popularity. Depending on the interior and the style chosen, people often opt for grey, brown or white finishings.

Thanks to our Reactive stains, we can offer a wide range of aged finishings. Reactive stain reacts with tannins in the wood and is most often used on oak. Finished with our invisible and natural PLUS range, you obtain a genuine and unique result.

Reactive stains can also be finished with a coloured Hardwaxoil MAGIC, which produces infinitely many colour possibilities. We have 24 standard Reactive stain colours and 16 standard Hardwaxoil Magic colours in our range. You can also mix the Hardwaxoil Magic colours with one another in order to produce the perfect colour yourself.

One can produce countless effects by finishing the reactive stain with a coloured oil. Let yourself be inspired and get creative working with our products, which are also available in handy 100ml sample bottles.

Be sure to let us know if you would like more information about the reactive stains for professional or industrial use.

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