The importance of proper wood preparation

Wood is a natural product and thus deserves the necessary care and treatment so it can be enjoyed for as long as possible. There are many possibilities for colouring and protecting wood depending on the desired final finish.

Along with a correct choice of the right products, the preparation of the wood is a crucial factor for a good end result. The preparation of the wood will influence the final finish. For example, you can brush (whether deeply or lightly), sand or pre-wet the wood.

If you brush the wood, you remove some of the softer bits. As a result, when using a coloured oil you will accentuate the grain, because the coloured oil remains in the grain. This effect is also called Cérusé.

Sanding the wood will give it a more even colouring. The coloured oil will penetrate the wood uniformly and assure a uniform finish in which the wood structure will be slightly accentuated.

If you wish to obtain a more intense colouring of the wood, you can pre-wet it first. As part of this preparation one first wet-mops the floor in advance (without making it too wet, however), as a result of which the wood fibre opens up and in this way more oil will penetrate into the floor. This ensures more intense / darker colouring than with a sanded surface.

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