Invisibly finishing & protecting wood

The natural appearance and warmth of wood ensures that it is a frequently-used material in our interiors. Untreated wood is sensitive for spots, so a good protection is indispensable.

The most frequently requested finish is an invisible one that makes it possible to preserve the natural appearance and character of the wood. In addition, one finds it important that the finish won´t turn yellow over time, and that it also be sustainable and ecological.

In order to meet the requirements of the customers, Ciranova developed the PLUS range, the reference when it comes to invisible finishings for wood. The Ciranova PLUS range is composed of new and improved products for which biobased raw materials are used without compromising performance. The ultra self-matting flooring resin used in these products ensures a natural-looking finish with the lowest gloss achievable and an ultimate protection.

There are 3 different products available, depending on the wishes of the customer. Woodlook PLUS produces a slightly bleached finish, Ecofix PLUS a natural finish, and Oculto PLUS a slightly intense finish.

The PLUS range ensures high scratch and chemical resistance which can, if necessary, be further reinforced by adding the PLUS hardener (10%).
For industrial parquet manufacturers, Ciranova has also developed a system to achieve the same natural finish with an extra-matt UV oil.

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