The unique characteristics of Reactive stain

Ciranova reactive stain is a special product for obtaining unique finishes. For more than 20 years Ciranova has been the market leader in the development of reactive stains, for both the professional and the industrial market.

What is a reactive stain?

A reactive stain is composed of a combination of dyes and raw materials that react with tannins in the wood. The reaction with the tannins in the wood creates an aged and natural finish. The reactive stains work best on oak wood, but also produce beautiful results on pine.

What colours are available?

We have 24 standard reactive stain colours, primarily with various brown and grey hues. One popular colour is reactive stain white, which ensures a natural white finish of the wood.

How can I protect the reactive stain afterwards?

Reactive stain only produces the colour; afterwards it has to be protected with a finishing product. For the on-site finishing we recommend our Hardwaxoil Magic. By combining a reactive stain with a coloured oil one can obtain many different finishes.

One cannot roll or brush waterborne finishings such as a varnish over the reactive stain, because this could partly dissolve the colour. However, one can spray a waterborne finishing on the reactive stain, which offers many possibilities for industrial finishers.

Be sure to let us know if you would like more information about the reactive stains for professional or industrial use.

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