Hardwaxoil titan


HARDWAXOIL TITAN is a special oil suitable for oil finishing of wooden floors. Good filling properties, very natural color, good chemical and mechanical resistance. The Hardwaxoil TITAN has a long open time which makes it very appropriate to apply by roller and rollercoater.

Range of application
Industrial application for wooden staircases and parquet, as well as chairs, furniture and other wooden objects for vertical and horizontal applications. FORTICO SPRAY has special anti-slip characteristics

Material use


Preparation substrate:
Prepare the wood according the rules of the art and remove the sanding dust carefully.


  • Mix the oil with the hardener (100:5) and let the product rest for about 10 minutes.
  • When needed color the wood with stains from Ciranova Industrial Finishes. Can be applied with a roller coater.
  • Use brushes to remove marks.
  • After drying, a second or even a third coat is recommended.

Industrial application for wood flooring and wood panels. Only for interior use.

Important information
Used cloths or pads should be plunged in water because of the danger of spontaneous combustion.
We recommend Hardwaxoil Titan as topcoat on the pigmented Hardwaxoils.
Colored Hardwaxoils should always be tested before treating the entire surface.
Use only stainless material.
Used sanding grain, type of wood,… may affect the final color.

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