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In case you passed along the Rijksweg (N37) in Roeselare, you may have noticed that we keep building on our future. The new building is designed in an eco-friendly way with a lot of innovative techniques. We hope to welcome you here as soon as possible.



As a trendsetter in invisible finishes, we developed the Ciranova Plus range in open innovation with DSM. The new products are OCULTO PLUS, ECOFIX PLUS and WOODLOOK PLUS.

The Ciranova plus range is a new and improved range of products where biobased raw materials are used without compromising performance. The ultra self-matting flooring resin used in these products sets the standard for natural looking floors with the lowest gloss achievable and the ultimate protection.

NEW Hardwaxoil TITAN

Hardwaxoil TITAN is an innovative, fast drying oil suitable for finishing wooden floors and furniture. With a very high chemical and mechanical protection, due to its unique composition the oil gives an exceptional natural-looking and scratch-resistant finish.

Hardwaxoil TITAN can be applied mechanically and is also very easy to apply on site with a roller due to the long open time. Hardwaxoil TITAN can also be used as a protective layer on top of our Hardwaxoil, Hardwaxoil Magic and UN1CO colour oils and is available in 3 gloss levels : Matt, Satin & Silk.
Hardwaxoil TITAN complies with the current European VOC legislation and is NON-DG making it easy to transport. 

Reactive stain NT

After the successful launch of the new innovative FORTICO lacquer range and the UNICO-FORTICO system last year, Ciranova will present a new unique range of reactive stains:

REACTIVE STAIN NT (New Technology)

Natural appearances with natural looking protection are still very much in high demand for wooden floor finishes. To avoid complicated systems such as smoking, burning and chemical treatments, Ciranova has the latest innovation with a simple application of Reactive Stain NT.
4 warm smoked stains and 4 grey aged stains are achieved in a completely new and unique concept. Reactive Stains NT are the perfect balance of chemistry and reactive dyes working with the composition of the wood and the wood fibres, to give the wood an accelerated aged appearance. Ciranova’s Reactive Stain NT is easy to apply and promises a consistent colour of the wood.
Make your floor a successful floor !

Instruction video Reactive stain NT

Get Inspired sample box

All our Ciranova products are available in handy 100ml sample bottles so you can test our unique stains and high quality finishing products. You can compose your own sample box with 20 sample bottles of your choice, or we also have a standard UN1CO sample box with the 16 colors of our 1-coat oil UN1CO + 500ml hardener. For more information you can contact us ( or one of our distributors.

NEW Ciranova product catalogue

We are excited to present our newest Ciranova product catalog. In this catalog you will find a complete overview of our products for interior and exterior wood. Besides a brief explanation and some technical information for each product you will find an overview of the available colors. You can obtain our catalog through our distributors or it can also be requested via


In order to assist the importers and consumers of CIRANOVA in making the right choice of colours, Ciranova has designed two practical brandnew sample boxes . In the UN1CO-sample box you find finished samples with our 16 trendy standard colours of our one-coat oil. This box offers the opportunity to the importers and consumers to make the correct selection of colours.


FORTICO is an innovative lacquer range for the future, developed using the latest technologies. FORTICO is a high performance, water-based, polyurethane lacquer for the protection of parquet and suitable for floors submitted to high traffic use and has an excellent chemical and mechanical resistance.

A unique characteristic of the FORTICO-range is the embedded anti-scratch technology. This technology makes the floor resistant against scratches and helps prevent the floor from burnishing. 

- Anti-scratch
- Extremely scratch-resistant 
- Extremely high abrasion resistance 
- Exceptional protection against liquids 
- Fast drying 
- Doesn’t burnish 

Check the product page for more information.

UNICARE X-MATT – Universal maintenance product

Unicare X-Mat is an exciting new waterborne, universal protection product for all matt surfaces of CIRANOVA products like the Aquafix Magic 2K and OCULTO. UNICARE X-MATT can also be used for laminates and LVT.

Unicare X-Mat prevents premature wear on the floor surface and is unique because it can be used on all surfaces such as varnished, oiled and soft floors.

Consult the technical sheet for more information. 


In order to meet the ever increasing demand for our products, we at CIRANOVA are pleased to announce we have invested in a new warehouse with a total area of 2000 sqm / 10m high with a storage capacity for 2000 pallet spaces . The offices, laboratories, conference rooms and demo areas will all be refurbished.

This significant development will enable production levels to increase, allow us to deliver more efficiently and therefore meet our customer needs and demands in international expansion more successfully. 

Certified Ciranova® dealer

The ‘Certified Ciranova Dealer’ label is the new quality label for dealers of Ciranova products. Through this quality label, Ciranova wants to make clear to professionals and consumers the professionalism and knowledge of their wholesalers.

After an intensive theoretical and practical training at Ciranova, Certified Ciranova Dealers have an excellent knowledge of the Ciranova products. They have also a representative stock adapted to their customers.

For more information about the conditions and benefits you can always contact us.

Ciranova® UK

Ciranova is happy to announce that since 1 June, Ciranova has a distributor in the UK: Ciranova Finishes Ltd. Ciranova Finishes Ltd will be led by Tim Denholm.
Tim Denholm has worked in and around the wood coatings and wood flooring industry and has worked in the UK and Europe for a number of manufacturers across various aspects of wood flooring related products and manufacture.

Ciranova Finishes Ltd is stocking the Ciranova range of products in the UK for next day delivery and Tim is dedicated to providing a unique and efficient customer service experience.

Contact Tim on 07900224429 for further info or email

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